This is a heating separate temperature controller station, set USB output, screwdriver, parts box in one. It has the features of rapid temperature rise, constant temperature, simple operation, USB plug and play, easy to put a screwdriver, and collection of detachable small parts. 


This Item Includes

● 1* Power cable

● 1* Heating separate temperature controller station



● Voltage: 110V/220V

● Plug types: EU plug; US plug.  

● Power: 350 W

● Size: 350*210mm


Notice:  Please remark the plug type you prefer before the payment.

         Please remark the standard voltage in your country before the payment.



● Build-in screen repair lamp,say goodbye to small sratches

● Fast heating-up

● Easy operation

● Constant set temperature

● High-temperature resistant silica gel pad.

● Built-in USB charging port provides convenient power supply.

● Supports conversion between 110V and 220V for worldwide customers.

● The heating separate temperature controller station is suitable for tablets and mobile phones.

● The heating separate temperature controller station built-in transformer, it is can be switched manually.

● The heating separate temperature controller station including thermostat, parts placement, screw batch placement, voltage converter, temperature control switch, and the heating pad.


Operating steps

● The funciton switch flips upward to open the heating plate temperature controller

● Set up the working temperature is 80 ℃

● Put the iPad on the heating pad

● After heating. The temperature is too high. The operation needs to put on the gloves.

● Use sucker to suck the iPad screen.

● Place the clean screen in front of the dust lamp

● Function swtich down to turn the dustlamp

● Clean the screen with a clean cloth.



Zip-lock bag + carton box

Novel Heating Separate Temperature Controller Station - OEM NEW

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