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When repairing logic boards. Rosin and the freeze spray are the two commonly used for faulty components locating. Although they are the low-cost methods.

It's difficult to fast locate the capacitance of micro current leakage, short-circuit position when you use the rosin and freeze spray. With the the infrared

thermal imager/camera. You can repair your mobile phone more efficient. Infrared Thermal Image Analyzer is used for the diagnosis on mobile phone

components temperature to judge if mobile phone PCB is short circuit, the Infrared Thermal Image Analyzer can test your cell phone main board,

PC main board, multimeter main board and many other PCB board very fast and accurately.


● Resolution: 160x120

● Wavelength range: 7.5-13.5 μm

● Lens angle: 57 °x44°

● Voltage: 110V/220V

● Visible part of the parameters: resolution 1920x1080

● Output mode: Visible / infrared thermal imaging / infrared fusion

● Power: Input power voltage 5-26V DC

● Power consumption: 2.2W (maximum 3W)

● Temperature function: full temperature measurement

● Vision option: full infrared, full visual, mix visible and infrared.

● Plug types: EU plug; US plug; UK plug.


Note: Please remark the plug type you prefer before the payment.

Please remark the standard voltage in your country before the payment.

The delivery time (working time) of 110V /220V is about 3 days.

The device is just a black main unit, not including personal PC (computer).

Support only Microsoft system (windows).

Easy to use. Connect the device and installing the software, that can be used.

When used, the motherboard need connect power.



● This infrared thermal imager can turn thermal image into visional image, quickly find the malfunction part.

● The thermal camera combines the functions of surface temperature and real-time thermal imaging.

● Detect the motherboard chip, resistor and capacitor running temperature by the powerful PC intelligent analysis software and intelligent algorithm.

● Fast Locate the capacitance of micro current leakage, short-circuit position.

● Through the analysis of normal / abnormal motherboard comparison mode, quickly and accurately identify the problem chip, help phone fix technician

troubleshooting motherboard, greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance of the new generation of overhaul equipment.

● Detection host, lifting bracket with removable design, easy to assemble and carry.

● The visible lens can be disassembled and replaced with electron microscope lens to act as electronic microscope, a multi-purpose machine

● Bracket can be adjusted by knot to reach best observation distance.

● Visible light and infrared thermal imaging dual light lens showing different picture effects.

● Visible / infrared thermal imaging dual light fusion, showing a more delicate picture effect.

● The software intelligence recognition algorithm can display each chip temperature value.

● The software side can record each time maintenance motherboard photo data by taking picture and video.




Foam box + Carton box

Infrared Thermal Imager/Camera for Mobile Phone PCB Troubleshooting - OEM New

€ 775,67Preis


    OEM NEW ORIGINAL and NEW from OEM factory
    OEM USED ORIGINAL but USED already, torn down from used/new devices
    OEM REFURB REFURBISHED NEW from ORIGINAL USED parts by replacing, cleaning, oxidation, polishing, etc. procedures
    S+ GRADE ORIGINAL materials and assembled by 3rd-party
    A+ GRADE COMPATIBLE materials and assembled by 3rd-party factory
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