Hot Air Gun Rework Station - 861DW - Type 2- OEM New



The hot air gun rework station - 861DW is the new lead free rework station, 861DW rework station is used for mobile phone BGA desoldering

repairing, 1000W / 500 °C genuine original hot air rework station, With CH1, CH2, CH3 three working channels.



● Power: 1000W

● Temperature adjustable: 100℃ - 500℃

● Maximum Airflow: 120L/min

● Size: 188mm * 245mm * 235mm

● Weight: about 5 KG

● Voltage: 110V, 220V.

● Plug types: US plug, EU plug, UK plug.


Note: Please remark the plug type you prefer before the payment.

Please remark the standard voltage in your country before the payment.

The delivery time (working time) of 110V about is 7-15 days, 220V is about 6 days.



● Three regular channels are "CH1", "CH2", and "CH3". Each channel's parameter including temperature and airflow can be set.

● Password protection and key-lock functions.

● Real time operation by the magnetic switch. It will enter sleeping state when the handle is placed on the holder.

● Automatic sleeping function. Parameters can be set in dormant state.

● Closed loop sensor. Temperature can be controlled by zero voltage triggering modes, and adjusted conveniently. Accurate and stable, not affected by airflow.

● Large power, rapid heating.

● A multipurpose unit, having brushless whirlpool motor, wide range and stepless adjustable airflow.

● The system has an automatic cooling system can prolong the life time of the heating element and protect the handle.

● Safe package to prevent it from damage during shipping.


Tools we recommend assisting with this professional repair tool


● Stainless Steel BGA Scraper

● Reballing Stencil/Fixture

● Motherboard Dis