Hot Air Gun - 858D - OEM New



The 858D hot air gun is suitable for desoldering various kinds of components such as SOIC, QFP, BGA chips.

It can be used for heat shrinkage, drying, paint and sticker removal, preheating, glue connecting etc.



● Power consumption: 700 W

● Airflow: 120 L/min (Max)

● Noise: Less than 45 db

● Gross weight: 3 KG

● Temperature range: 100℃-450℃

● Voltage: 110 V, 220 V.

● Plug types: US plug, EU plug; UK plug.

● Handle assembly length: 120 cm

● Dimension: 150*100*138 mm (L*W*H)

● Air pump & Airflow type: Brush-less fan, mild wind.


Note: Please remark the plug type you prefer before the payment.

Please remark the standard voltage in your country before the payment.

The delivery time (working time) of 110V is about 7-15 days, 220V is about 3-5 days.



● LED digital display on the front panel makes precision temperature control.

● Air volume is adjustable, which will greatly protect the components from being damaged.

● The hot air rework station comes with 4 different sized nozzles.

● Closed loop of sensor, temperature can be controlled by zero voltage triggering mode and will not be affected by air volume. Large power. Rapid heating. LED

display. Temperature stable.

● Airflow is adjustable, mild wind, temperature can be easily and conveniently adjusted.

● Induction -switch ensures starting working immediately after the handle is held. When handle is Put on the holder, the system will return back to standby mode.

Easy to use.

● With the automatic cooling function, it can prolong the life of heating element and protect the unit.

● The crust is made of alloy material. The unit is compact, durable and it takes up little space on the workbench.




Foam box + Carton box

Hot Air Gun - 858D - OEM New