This touch digitizer assembly for iPad mini 3 includes touch screen digitizer, adhesive, camera bezel, home button mounting bracket, home button face, home

    button flex cable, rubber gasket and anti-dust seal. Used to replace your screen that has bad digitizer, lines, or dead pixels. 



● Color: Black

● Screen size: 7.9 inches

● Resolution: 1024*768 pixels

● Quality: S+ Grade

● Compatibility: Apple iPad mini 3



● If your Apple iPad mini 3 front panel is not responding to your fingerprint, or the front glass is cracked, you may need this item to repair.

● The front glass is protected with hydrophobic and oleo phobic coating

● The iPad mini 3 touch digitizer panel full assembly makes the repair much easier with home button pre-installed




    Anti-static bag + air bubble envelope + foam box + carton box


For Apple iPad Mini 3 Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly - Black - S+

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