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The fiber laser marking fume extractor is used for fume filtration and dust collection for fiber laser marking metal or laser coding metal. It is matched

with back glass housing separator laser marking machine.


This Item Includes

● 5* Filter net

● 1* Fiber laser marking fume extractor



● Type: single station

● Airflow: 200 m3/h

● Power: 145 W

● Voltage: 110V, 220 V.

● Air pressure: 3100 Pa

● Filtration rate:99.97% 0.3 μm

● Running sound: ≤50 dB

● Machine size: 310*310*400 mm


Note: Please remark the plug type you prefer before the payment.

Please remark the standard voltage in your country before the payment.

The delivery time (working time) of 110V about is 4 days, 220V is about 3 days.



● Strict welding and painting technology achieve to high tightness and corrosion resistance cabinet

● Special sound-absorbing materials reduce operating noise to improve working efficiency

● It has a warning system to remind the customer to replace filters once they are blocked heavy.




Foam box + carton box

Fiber Laser Marking Fume Extractor - OEM NEW

€ 256,89Preis


    OEM NEW ORIGINAL and NEW from OEM factory
    OEM USED ORIGINAL but USED already, torn down from used/new devices
    OEM REFURB REFURBISHED NEW from ORIGINAL USED parts by replacing, cleaning, oxidation, polishing, etc. procedures
    S+ GRADE ORIGINAL materials and assembled by 3rd-party
    A+ GRADE COMPATIBLE materials and assembled by 3rd-party factory
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