To avoid the dirty and messy phenomenon of the maintenance master's workbench, To make each communication electronic maintenance

master and customer a clean, standardized and standardized work image. The aluminum alloy integrated mobile phone repair platform

is easy to clean and repair debris, can be dismantled, clean, replace, The tools you need are on the platform. To meet the different work

needs of the maintenance of the communications electronics industry.



● Base weight: about 1.7 Kg

● Pad net weight: about 0.3 Kg

● Material: high-temperature resistant aluminum alloy

● High-temperature resistance: 500℃

● product size: 335*258*15 mm (Length*Width*Thickness)

● Pad size: 330*198*3 mm (Length*Width*Thickness)



● The aluminum alloy integrated mobile phone repair platform support microscope expansion, and it can accommodate a variety of small accessories.

It is anti-static, Odorless, Anti-corrosion, Anti-skid, Not deformed, Retardant, Foldable.

● Repair platform components: repair platform working surface, tool physical area, Microscope card holder, Commonly used maintenance supplies

are placed in the through.

● The working part of the maintenance station, The four-corner protruding cylinder is a positioning column. Connect the extended platform 330*198*3 mm

area, high temperature resistance around 500℃.

● The tool material area consists of a variety of hollow cylinders, Microscope card holder, Multi-function slots, The slot is engraved with a corresponding

name. Increase its flexibility.




Pearl wool + paper box + Carton box

Aluminum Alloy Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform - OEM NEW

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