138℃ Low-Temperature Lead-Free Solder Paste


Type: MY-58A

Microns: 25-40um

Alloy: SnBi

Melting Point: 138℃

Storage: 0~10℃

G.W.: 50g




  • Solder beads are even and high-quality, no foaming.
  • Excellent soldering performance. Silver particles are included to improve the conductivity, avoid poor soldering


Important Instructions

  • Read MSDS and technical data before use
  • Avoid breathing in fumes when soldering
  • Wash hands after soldering
  • If contact with skin, wash immediately in case of solder paste ingestion.
  • For industry use only



Original package + carton box


138℃ Low-Temperature Lead-Free Solder Paste - MY83A - OEM NEW

€ 2,90Preis


    OEM NEW ORIGINAL and NEW from OEM factory
    OEM USED ORIGINAL but USED already, torn down from used/new devices
    OEM REFURB REFURBISHED NEW from ORIGINAL USED parts by replacing, cleaning, oxidation, polishing, etc. procedures
    S+ GRADE ORIGINAL materials and assembled by 3rd-party
    A+ GRADE COMPATIBLE materials and assembled by 3rd-party factory
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